Friday, February 08, 2013

Central Park, Lakewood Ranch, Bradenton, FL

It's been a long "winter" here. Like many in the academy, my for-pay responsibilities get the better of my time.

So here goes the shake off of the winter ice, and the restart of Alas, Babylon.

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Lakewood Ranch is a gigantic development, consisting of villages then divided down into neighborhoods. From the air, it's a patchwork, but looking at their website reveals the final plan.

The Central Park village is no under construction. I haven't been by here in a year or so, and in that time there was (and still is) a boom of construction. I was able to slip in and out. More visits are in order to follow this village from it's birth til it's biting toddler years.

There is still the deception of keeping a minimum amount of cattle of land to keep the ag tax rate, even though the land is destined to be houses in the near future. Do these cows know they're about to evicted so a shopping center can be built?

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