Thursday, December 01, 2011

Naples, FL

When I first saw the image above, I felt like I struck gold. I hadn't been down as far south as Naples, and knowing how the rest of southwest Florida was faring, I expected more of the same.

What I found was a thriving subdivision under construction. I stopped and talked to one of the contractors, and he said that the above Google map must have been around a year old, and they've been building and selling for about a year. These homes, however, are all intended to be in gated and walled communities, and cost around half a million.

Naples is full of gated and walled communities. I had seven sites marked on the map for the day, and only got into two. Needless to say, I was disappointed.

I love that the builders are hiding the dirt mound used to grade the earth behind a privacy fence.

Again, a row of tree appears. This time, they're just awaiting their final planting.

The sign says:


I could only laugh at the irony in this scene. Perfect grass, butted up against the rough nature of Florida. A sign, designated where the wild begins and civilization ends. There where countless versions of this sign all ringing this designated wild area.

I wish there was a sign like this at the state line.