Wednesday, January 15, 2014

notes from Broward County, part 1

I'm in the Miami area for the next couple of days, mainly doing some site visits and getting the lay of the land in anticipation of further visits. I'm trying to take a few pictures too, but I'm not pushing myself when the real challenge is just boots on the ground type observations, figuring everything out and correlating the countless satellite views with what it looks like through the camera.

Navigating the photography of the areas where the Glades back into the world is going to be a bureaucratic nightmare. Some of the canals and levees are controlled by SFWMD, some by USFWS, some by NPS. There's going to be a lot of phone calls.

And here's a preview:

And some maps of locations:

There's some dredging/land construction going here:

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And two levees, one controlled by SWFWD and the other USFWS. 
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And this looks nothing like this now: 
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More tomorrow, unless a 300 lb, 18 foot long python eats me.