Friday, November 15, 2013

Foxbrook, Parrish, FL

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I found this little piece of an otherwise very large development, where they cleared the property lines, but not the lots. Something like this is odd, but welcome. I suppose they're charging a premium for these lots, seeing how they're heavily wooded compared to their eastern neighbors.

It's also 11:30 AM and the moon is still out. 

Friday, November 01, 2013

River Reach, Parrish, FL

 River Reach, as a subdivision, is pretty unremarkable. I did get to see ponds being built, which is something of a treat. There's something odd about building ponds in Florida; the landscape is already giant sponge with lakes everywhere, and yet we need to build more? I know they're nice, and also there for retention purposes, but geez, the land make it this long with a odd shaped pond every 500 yards.
The real story of River Reach is how it's built around the old Rye Settlement. If you look at the map above, down and to the right you'll find the Rye Preserve, but there's two significant parts of the settlement that are being dovetailed in the River Reach, the cemetery, and the remnants of the school and bridge to the community. 

It warms my cackles knowing that the cemetery will back up to someone's yard. I bet that house won't be haunted at all.