Thursday, May 30, 2013

Unnamed development, Myakka City, FL

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I found this development while map surfing, and was intrigued by the series of ponds. Clearly they're man made, they're too uniform in size and distribution. 

The development is dead, quite dead, with only one accessible gate. Well, while we where in there, someone helpfully came along and locked the gate. I hate to say it, but I had to 4x4 it through some barbed wire fence to escape. I would feel worse, but the fence posts where already 95% rotten and only being held vertical by the fence tension. Still, I had to push it down and we escaped, promising to ourselves to never visit Myakka City again. I'll probably break that promise.

So, now, I carry a big ass pair of bolt cutters in the truck box. Working on the project has let to some odd purchases: the afore mentioned bolt cutters, a mil surp folding shovel (also used for removing roadkill from the road) and boards for when I get bogged down in sand, a variety of towing straps and chains, and, in my dreams, a 9000 lb. winch for the front of the truck. 

And when I win the lottery, another winch for the back of the truck.

Tomorrow I have surgery, so this is it for awhile.

Friday, May 17, 2013

The Isles, Sarasota, FL

Some images of the finished sections, these being in the northwest part of the development.
This is from the northern most bridge, looking south. I'm not in love with the image, but I do like what it shows.

These last two images are from the triangluar portion from the east of the main development. Looking at the road and the late construction, it seemed like they found some bonus land, and BOOM, built some more houses.