Monday, May 30, 2011

Charlotte County, Florida Part II

My second site is functionally the same, but has a completely different feel to the landscape. Miles of roads, cut into fields instead of forests. I drove around for 20 minutes trying to figure out how to image this landscape. It was so desolate feeling. The odd thing is that every street had a fire hydrant, and the hydrant where all freshly painted and some even had fresh sod around them. There's a couple of water pump stations, and they're immaculate. Even though there's about 6 square miles of land, miles and miles of roads, with zero houses, the county still maintains the infrastructure. I could still picture in my mind the cattle that used to roam this land.

I did encounter a couple while in this neighborhood. They where lost and couldn't find their way out. If I didn't have two GPSs (one being an iPhone) I probably would have suffered the same fate. Luckily I was able to guide them out, and hopefully they're on their way back to Michigan, never to return to this desolate landscape. I'm going to head back, since there's a lot I missed even after a day in the sun.

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this was the last image I took that day. Miles from the nearest house, across a man-made yet swampy looking pond across from what looked like a place to dump excess dirt, was a rope swing.

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